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What Are the Benefits of Summer Camps?

Summer camp

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Enjoying the sunshine outside is great for your kids. Until they’re bored. Summer camps are a great way to add structure, supervision, and enrichment back into your kid’s summer experience. Plus, many people who attend summer camps count the memories made there among their most treasured. There are so many benefits of summer camps. Here are some of the benefits that our specific taekwondo summer camp can offer your child.

Enjoy Physical Fitness:

For some children, gym class can start to feel like a chore. There’s great benefit in helping your child find an outlet for physical activity that they can continue when they’re an adult. Some adults don’t exercise, don’t let your child be one of them. Taekwondo summer camps can help encourage a life-long love of exercise.

New Social Situations:

Your child gets socialization at school, but they do know all those kids already. A fresh start in a new social environment helps children practice making new friendships, free of the social ties that they already have at school. New social situations can promote emotional growth and help your child develop skills they might be missing.

Experience New Things and Places:

If your child is new to martial arts, they’ll be thrilled to try it out. But, of course, many of the kids who attend our camps are already pursuing martial arts. That’s okay because our summer camps offer many more novel experiences that are enriching and challenging. We offer activities like arts and crafts, meditation time and movie watching. We also take kids on field trips to new and exciting places, like:

  • Flying Squirrel
  • Dave and Busters
  • Go Bananas!
  • Air Riderz
  • Sky Zone
  • Champs
  • Putting Edge
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • And more

Confidence and Independence:

As children grow older, they become more independent and they need confidence to pursue more of it and eventually become independent, well-adjusted adults. Taekwondo inherently helps support children’s confidence. It gives them the feeling of mastery over their bodies, a sense of growth and accomplishment, as well as the ability to defend themselves from their peers. The summer camp experience also helps promote independence.

Summer Camps Near You in Milton and Oakville

How is your child going to spend the summer? If they’re in Milton and Oakville, you have an option to send them to our summer camp. Get all these benefits for your child this summer by enrolling right now. Call (647) 905-5886 for our Milton location or (647) 370-9759 for Oakville.