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Kid’s Martial Arts After-School Program

After-School Program

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What’s your child’s evening like if they attend our after-school martial arts program? As a parent, you want to be comfortable with how your child is spending their time. We offer a secure environment, enriching curriculum and more than you might expect from after-school martial arts. Here’s what your child will experience when they participate in our program.

Safe Pick-Up and Transport

We’ll pick your child up from school and bring them to our dojo. We employ driving staff, all who have passed enhanced police background checks, who drive fully-insured and safety-tested vans. Each van has an in-vehicle camera for safety and peace of mind. These drivers are annually tested on safety performance and love to be engaging and friendly with the students. Every child feels welcome when we pick them up.

Our drivers drop the kids off at their destination where one of our staff members always greets them and takes over supervision. We ensure they arrive safely.

Taekwondo Class and Ninja Fitness

Our after-school program offers taekwondo classes that can help any child improve their physical fitness. From strength to coordination and balance, taekwondo is a challenge for any age. It helps promote the other skills your child is learning. For the youngest children, listening skills are paramount. Older children learn respect. All ages learn discipline and have fun.

Speaking of fun, we offer Ninja Obstacle Courses at both our Milton and Oakville locations. Children love to try out these courses, which make them feel like they’re on the television program American Ninja Warrior. This is always a crowd favorite and prevents boredom!

Homework Time

Children need dedicated time to do their homework, and there’s no reason that should interfere with their quality time with you! Our trained and certified staff can help your child with their homework from any grade, while still encouraging them to focus and be independent where they can.

Enriching Curriculum

We offer more than just taekwondo and an extension of the child’s school environment. Instead, we have a rich curriculum designed to enhance your child’s growth and development.

After-School Arts Program Near You

If your child attends school in Milton or Oakville, our taekwondo after-school program is an option for them. Get them supervision, support and more after-school. Reach out to us today to discuss details and sign your child up. Call (647) 905-5886 for the Milton location or (647) 370-9759 for Oakville.