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Kids Summer Camp: 7 Productive Things to Do Over Summer Vacation

Camp for Kids

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Want to hold your own camp for kids in your backyard? Whether you’re entertaining your own kids or throwing a party for their friends too, being prepared with lots of fun activities is essential for success. We hold martial arts summer camps, so we know a few great activities for kids that you can complete in and around Oakville and Milton, ON. Here are seven ideas you can use:

1. Leaf Crowns

Get the kids outside in nature and have them collect tree leaves and whatever fun nature items they can collect around you. Then have them fashion the leaves and other items into a crown, or maybe something more ambitious like a skirt.

2. Spray Painting

If you’re entertaining older children, upgrade from chalk to spray paint. Give them t-shirts, canvas, or other surfaces to paint on. Also, have stencils and other objects to help the kids make fun patterns.

3. Parachute Games

Many camps for kids struggle to find ways to exhaust the little rascals, but any game with a parachute does the trick. It’s a full-body workout, and the kids will love it.

4. Paper Plate Hats

Are you looking for a simple, low-effort craft that can really capture the kid’s imagination? Let them make hats out of paper plates. They cut out a shape in the middle and leave the outside ring to make the hat.

5. Tug of War

Sure, it is not the most sophisticated game, but tug of war is a great way to keep the attention of many children all at once. Just be sure teams are fair, and kids can play safely.

6. Bird Feeders

Older kids who have the confidence to handle some tools will enjoy making bird feeders. It’s a long project from constructing the box to painting, hanging, and watching it. If you’re not comfortable having the kids use a drill, a hammer with small nails works too.

7. Camp Songs

Teaching music is a great summer activity. Whether you’re in the backyard or around a campfire, there are plenty of songs to learn and play.

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Ready to let someone else plan the summer activities? At Dragon Taekwondo, we offer martial arts summer camps that can keep your kids engaged and learning all summer. Contact us to join our Oakville and Milton, ON camps for kids.