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Best Kid’s Birthday Party Places in Oakville, ON

Birthday Party Place for Kids

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Few events make better memories for your family than kid’s birthday parties, so choosing that perfect venue is important to many people. If you’re looking for a new venue for your kid’s birthday party in Oakville, we have some great ideas that won’t disappoint. Here are some of the best places to celebrate your kid getting another year older.

 1. Bronte Creek Provincial Park

In Oakville, we’re lucky to border right on a beautiful provincial park. It makes a cheap setting for a great birthday party that outdoorsy kids will particularly enjoy. There are five playgrounds, eleven picnic shelters, and even an amphitheater where you can hold the party’s main events.

2. YMCA Kid’s Birthday Parties

Another affordable option, the YMCA lets you hold birthdays for children of any age on the premises. You can have your guests in the gym, pool, or indoor rock-climbing facility. It’s always a great idea to have a way to exhaust the kids! After that, you can dig into the pizza and cake.

3. Lollipop Art Lounge

Are you raising thoughtful, creative kids? Then you’ll probably be interested in hosting a party with the Lollipop Art Lounge. This beautiful spot will help kids nurture their creativity and give them an art project to remember the party by. Don’t just think about painting, there are mixed media projects your kids can do here too.

4. Captive Kids

The trend of escape rooms has expanded into kid’s party places. Holding your party at Oakville’s own escape room location is a great idea. It’s a fun and engaging activity that will entertain 4-12 players at once. It takes about an hour for kids to escape the room, and then you can have food and cake.

5. Amazing Adventures Indoor Playground

This unique playground also hosts birthday parties. The organization was founded by a certified children’s special needs teacher, so it has challenges that are appropriate for all developmental stages.

6. Dragon Taekwondo

As far as kid’s party places go, Dragon Taekwondo offers a very unique and exciting experience. They will be introduced to martial arts, and the birthday child will be an “assistant instructor” during the party. We also take care of every other part of the party, including set-up, food distribution, gifts, managing the children, and clean-up. That makes our birthday parties a great experience for the adults too. (Atticsandmore.com)

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