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Tips for an Effective and Successful After-school Program

After School Program

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As a parent, choosing your child’s after-school program, and then trying to make the most of it, is important. Whatever kind of program your child is participating in, from after-school karate class to after school coding camp, there are some ingredients the program needs to be successful. There are ways for you to maximize it as a parent. Here are some tips that we also put into practice for our successful after-school programs.

Physical Exercise:

Children exercise at school, but they have so much energy. It’s ideal for your after-school program to have an outlet that allows them to use up their energy so that they can focus on other activities, like homework. Plus, the quality of physical exercise matters too. Running around and playing tag can exhaust a child but it won’t do much else for them. Activities like taekwondo can offer challenges that help children develop key physical skills like coordination, flexibility, balance, and more.

Thoughtful Curriculum:

Most programs will offer homework help. That’s important and can help give your child the extra support that they need to succeed at school. However, a truly enriching program will offer more. The program should have a curriculum of its own, one that considers the age of the child and what’s already bring provided at school. For example, our after-school taekwondo program teaches children about how to resist bullying and how to protect themselves online.

Review the Program at Home:

Some children are brimming with happiness when they get home from their program and they’re ready to share everything about what they learned or did. Other children need a bit more encouragement to talk about what went on with their day. Either way, taking the time to engage your child in what they have learned offers them an opportunity to remember, review, and learn to articulate what they know. Whenever you can, take a few minutes to ask your child about how their program went that day.

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You can expect all these elements in our highly successful after-school programs in Oakville and Milton. We have highly trained staff who offer your child the guidance they need for homework, physical skills, and our own curriculum. Reach out to us with your questions about what we offer and how your child will benefit from attendance here. Contact us today, (647) 905-5886.