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What Do We Do in a Summer Camp?

Summer camp

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Our taekwondo summer camps would be boring if we just drilled taekwondo movements all day. Thankfully, we do so many more fun activities for each week of our camp. We keep it fun by doing one lesson for four of the five days your kids are with us. For the rest of the day, we focus on other enriching activities that your child will enjoy and come home raving about.

Weekly Themes

We have fun themes for each week of our summer camp. When you sign your kid up, you’ll find out which theme we’re doing for your week. Some of the fun themes we have done in the past include:

  • Wizard Week
  • Circus Week
  • Olympic Week
  • Rock Star Week
  • Ninja Week
  • Safari Week
  • Monster Week
  • Under the Sea Week
  • Space Week

We participate in themed events each week. For example, we make DIY Olympic medals for that week. We did a talent show for Rock Star Week. Our full schedule can tell you more.

Daily Activities

Every day of the week we focus on a new kind of activity (although the days are all diverse with some physical movement and relax time-built in.) Mondays are Craft Day, Tuesdays are Nerf Day, Thursdays are Dress Up Day and Fridays are Water Slide Day. Wednesday doesn’t have an activity theme because that’s the day we go on an outing to somewhere in the community.

Weekly Outings

Our weekly outings are the highlight of an already very fun week. Every Wednesday, our summer camp near you will head out to a spot in Milton or Oakville community that’ll engage the kids and broaden their horizons. Some of the places we have visited before include:

  • Sky Zone
  • Dave and Busters
  • Putting Edge
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Go Bananas
  • GyGo

Reach out to us (647) 905-5886 to ask where we’ll be headed the week that your child is joining us.

Other Skill Development/Activities

There are many other skills and activities that your child will try out when they join our martial arts summer camp. That includes spending quiet time watching a movie, playing on our ninja obstacle course, meditating, enjoying art projects, and even virtual reality adventures.

Join Our Taekwondo Summer Camp

We offer exciting, enjoyable camps near you in Milton and Oakville. Reach out to discuss what activities we’ll do the week that your child will be joining us. Or just sign up now.