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5 Reasons After School Activities are Important

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If it feels like being a parent these days is more challenging than ever, we sympathize with you. Often with two working parents, screens everywhere, and even lockdowns, you have so many demands on your time. Afterschool activities are an important tool that can help you provide your child with the support they need to thrive, even when things are busy. Let’s talk about why afterschool programs in Oakville and Milton are so important.

1. Homework Support

When your child needs homework help, where do they go? If they’re at an afterschool program, they’ll have adults nearby to assist and support them as they learn. While you can help them with their homework when you get home, is that how you want to spend your precious time with your child? It is better that they get the homework support they need earlier in their day.

2. Safety and Supervision

Afterschool programs in Milton are great ways to keep children of any age safe and supervised. Young children may not be safe at home alone. In a supervised environment, you can be confident that they are safe. Older children may be perfectly capable of being safe at home, but they may get into other trouble when their time is not occupied.

3. Social Development

School is great for social development, but kids can always use more time interacting with other children. The new peer groups at afterschool programs can help children who are having trouble making friends at school make new friends within the program.

4. Physical Development

There’s no reason to sit still if you’re a kid. Structured afterschool programs with physical exercise built-in can help kids develop their physical skills. Taekwondo, for example, can help with balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, and much more.

5. Less Screen Time

It can be hard to keep your children off their phones and other screens. Occupying their time with real-life activities is critical for their development. It can be hard to do that, but with afterschool programs, it is a little easier. At our afterschool program, we have lots of activities to occupy the children.

Afterschool Programs in Milton and Oakville

We offer afterschool programs in Oakville and Milton that don’t just involve Taekwondo. We will help your child have an enriching time after school, that helps them in so many different areas of their development. Ask us about the program today.