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Ninja Course Program in Oakville

Every child who is enrolled in our after-school programs or in one of our camps can be automatically enrolled in our Ninja course. We can adjust the course to any child’s skill and fitness level so we can make sure that they get the most out of it. They’ll leave each class sweating but smiling, and will have learned more about their own physical and mental capabilities. 

Warp Wall Ninja Obstacle Program in Oakville - Dragon Taekwondo Academy

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Rope Climbing Ninja Obstacle Program in Oakville - Dragon Taekwondo Academy

You’ve found the home of ninja courses for kids in Oakville. In our course, we have interesting and fun obstacles that present just the right level of challenge for your child. These are unique obstacles that most children will not have the opportunity to encounter in other settings. They are truly enjoyable and make for a fun, energizing experience. The course includes: 

The Ninja course is an open floor format, which means that your child will work at their pace, with encouragement from others kids and the staff. We ensure that your child is facing an age-appropriate challenge, and we also add on age-appropriate activities to enhance the ninja course. 

Why Try the Ninja Course?

Allow your children to experience exercising in a fun and motivating environment. This can develop a healthy love of exercise within their lives. This course also allows young kids who aspire to be ninjas to have fun and experience their dream.

The ninja course will help your child to further develop their fitness skills, self-esteem, coordination, strength, and balance. At Dragon Taekwondo we focus just as much on mental skills and guiding principles as we do on physical skills. We seek to create an environment with just the right amount of support and challenge to enrich your child’s life and instill discipline, hard work, and a positive attitude. 

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Every child who participates in our ninja course program will leave each class sweating, smiling, and tired! No prior experience is necessary, as we can adjust the course to any child’s skill and fitness level.

To sign up for this course, please contact us prior to the class to book your spot. As well, reach out to us for information regarding the class schedule and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dragon Ninja Obstacle Course is an exhilarating rendition of the obstacle courses showcased on TV’s “American Ninja Warrior.” It features a wide array of challenges, including the iconic Warped Wall, Cheese Wall, Rope Climb, Cargo Net, Spider Wall, Rock Wall, and numerous other thrilling obstacles. This experience is designed to put your agility and strength to the test while ensuring an abundance of fun and adventure!

Our Ninja Obstacle Course is available at both our Milton and Oakville locations.

At this time, we do not offer a standalone Ninja program. Our Dragon Ninja Obstacle Course is exclusively a part of our after-school program and seasonal camps.

To enroll in our Ninja Obstacle Course, you can register your child for our after-school program or check our seasonal camp offerings.

Participants will develop agility, strength, and balance in an extremely fun way!

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