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Dragon Taekwondo's Children's Program in Oakville and Milton

Have you been endlessly searching for the ‘best martial arts near me’ or a ‘kid’s martial arts program in Milton’? Stop wasting your time in Google because Dragon Taekwondo is here to exceed your expectations!

We offer a children’s martial arts program for ages 7 to 12, where students learn Taekwondo skills and values. Our kid’s program in Milton and Oakville typically caters to beginner and intermediate level students. Beyond physical fitness, our classes also help students boost their self-confidence and self-discipline. They also learn the importance of humility, mutual respect, and teamwork.

Martial Arts for Kids in Milton and Oakville

Dragon Taekwondo currently offers the following classes to children:

Depending on your skill level, you can also be qualified to join other classes.

Why Dragon Taekwondo Academy?

What sets us apart from other Taekwondo academies in the area is our family-oriented approach and award-winning programs that build a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We pride ourselves on having internationally certified and accredited instructors that have mastered the craft for years.

Dragon Taekwondo is a safe place to practice and learn Taekwondo, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting injured. Our highly trained professionals carefully guide and oversee each student to ensure that all students are safe during classes.

Do you want to enroll your kids but feel a bit hesitant whether they’ll like Taekwondo? Don’t worry; we offer a one-week trial free of charge. Call us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dragon Taekwondo Academy’s Little Dragon Martial Arts Program is designed for children aged 4 to 6 to introduce them to martial arts in a fun and age-appropriate way. It also helps with motor skill development.

Dragon Taekwondo Academy’s Children’s Martial Arts Program is tailored for kids aged 7 to 12 to learn martial arts while focusing on character development and discipline.

Taekwondo at Dragon Taekwondo Academy helps develop self-confidence.

   – It teaches focus and concentration skills.

   – Children learn self-defense techniques.

   – Respect for parents, teachers, and friends is emphasized.

   – Discipline is instilled through training.

Yes, Taekwondo at Dragon Taekwondo Academy can help shy kids by boosting their self-confidence and social skills through structured activities and positive reinforcement.

Absolutely, Taekwondo at Dragon Taekwondo Academy can help hyperactive kids by providing an outlet for their energy and teaching them self-control and discipline.

Yes, Dragon Taekwondo Academy offers a one-week free trial so you can come and try Taekwondo with us. It’s a great way to see if the program is suitable for your child.

Classes at Dragon Taekwondo Academy include warm-up exercises, martial arts techniques, character-building lessons, and cool-down activities.

Yes, Taekwondo classes at Dragon Taekwondo Academy are conducted in a safe and supervised environment, and our instructors are trained to work with children.

Yes, at Dragon Taekwondo Academy, there is a belt system that represents a child’s progression and skill level in Taekwondo. We have regular belt tests for advancement.

Typically, children can transition to the Children’s Martial Arts program at Dragon Taekwondo Academy around the age of 7, but it may vary based on individual development.

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