Dragon Taekwondo's Children's Program in Oakville and Milton

Have you been endlessly searching for the ‘best martial arts near me’ or a ‘kid’s martial arts program in Milton’? Stop wasting your time in Google because Dragon Taekwondo is here to exceed your expectations!

We offer a children’s martial arts program for ages 5 to 12, where students learn Taekwondo skills and values. Our kid’s program in Milton and Oakville typically caters to beginner and intermediate level students. Beyond physical fitness, our classes also help students boost their self-confidence and self-discipline. They also learn the importance of humility, mutual respect, and teamwork.

Martial Arts for Kids in Milton and Oakville

Dragon Taekwondo currently offers the following classes to children:

Depending on your skill level, you can also be qualified to join other classes.

Why Dragon Taekwondo Academy?

What sets us apart from other Taekwondo academies in the area is our family-oriented approach and award-winning programs that build a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We pride ourselves on having internationally certified and accredited instructors that have mastered the craft for years.

Dragon Taekwondo is a safe place to practice and learn Taekwondo, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting injured. Our highly trained professionals carefully guide and oversee each student to ensure that all students are safe during classes.

Do you want to enroll your kids but feel a bit hesitant whether they’ll like Taekwondo? Don’t worry; we offer a one-week trial free of charge. Call us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer courses to children at the age that they start preschool. Our Little Dragon courses focus on promoting physical literacy and improving their confidence.

Taekwondo has a wide range of benefits that go well beyond just physical skills such as strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Taekwondo can spark passion, dedication, and fulfillment in children. Your child may gain a lifelong love of physical exercise and learn to be a more disciplined and passionate person.

There are more than five benefits of participating in Taekwondo for children. However, if we had to name the top five the list would look something like this: strength and confidence in one’s physical abilities, dedication in the face of adversity, a teamwork mindset and an understanding of healthy competition, greater ability to focus and work hard, and finally a stalwart, dedicated mindset.

Taekwondo has many rules, and the rules may be different depending on the context. Some general rules include that you only score by landing a blow to the torso or head of your opponent. Kicking or punching below the belt is not allowed in Taekwondo. You also get more points for spinning attacks.

There is no specific motto for taekwondo, but there are both student oaths and tenets. Most taekwondo practitioners follow five tenets, which are: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. The first student oath is simply to follow these tenets. Other oaths may include supporting respect, peace, and justice throughout the world.

The taekwondo uniform is commonly called a dobok. Typically, these are white cloth uniforms which tie around the waist as a house coat might. The colour of the belt indicates the level of achievement of the wearer.

Your child needs to belong to a dojo with knowledgeable instructors to learn taekwondo. We generally do not encourage you to try to teach your child taekwondo yourself unless you already have achieved more than your first black belt.

Both offer different benefits and can be great ways for children to excel in athleticism. To us, taekwondo offers us more benefits including a better style and more opportunities to compete and a full-body workout. Taekwondo focuses more on kicks, jumps, and spins than karate does. 

You are not supposed to kick your opponent’s legs in taekwondo. However, you are strongly encouraged to kick, just with the torso or the head of your opponent as your target. You will find that taekwondo emphasizes kicking much more than other martial arts. However, we do still use our hands.

Yes, taekwondo can help your discipline efforts with your child. Taekwondo offers a physical and competitive outlet for children, which is sometimes what children need. This martial art also does encourage positive traits like discipline and responsibility.

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