The Best Martial Arts for Teenagers “Near Me”

Dragon Taekwondo provides one of the top-rated teen’s taekwondo classes in Milton and Oakville. We offer spring and summer camps, flexible private lessons, and after school classes. Our internationally accredited, professionally trained instructors will develop your skills, techniques, and discipline in the craft.

Our teen martial arts program has successfully helped hundreds of individuals who started from white belts to black belts. We have also sent them to numerous competitions and assisted them in achieving their dreams.

You can be part of our amazing team too! Call us today to learn more about our teen’s martial arts courses.

Teen’s Martial Arts Classes in Milton and Oakville

Depending on your skill level, you may be qualified to join other classes, but here are some of our basic sessions:

Depending on your skill level, you can also be qualified to join other classes.

Benefits of Enrolling in Martial Arts Near You

Dragon Taekwondo’s multi-faceted classes are open to all teens of different skill levels and physical fitness. Our expert instructors will push you to reach your fullest potential in a safe environment while incorporating values such as mutual respect, discipline, and dedication.

As a student, you learn new techniques and hone your skills while improving your flexibility, strength, agility, coordination, and endurance. Intermediate and advanced students get the opportunity to compete locally, nationally, and internationally. More importantly, we ensure that students have fun and develop genuine friendships.

Still not 100% convinced that Taekwondo is for you? Why not try out our one-week free trial to get a better feel for the environment and get a first-hand experience of the Dragon Taekwondo difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids as young as four years old can start martial arts, and it has many benefits for them. However, at this age, they aren’t likely to progress quickly or compete competitively. The best age to start depends on the child but starting in their young teens is a good spot, as it allows children to compete as well as learn.

We can’t speak for other martial arts, but in taekwondo, there are four categories of challenges: forms, sparring, breaking, and special technique. Forms are the specific movements taught, sparring is one-on-one combat, breaking is breaking boards of wood or other objects and special techniques is a catch-all for other challenges.

Martial arts are important for many people to learn discipline over their mind and their body. The benefits are many, especially for teens, who can learn confidence, hard work, discipline, team spirit, and mastery of themselves. Many teens who pursue taekwondo become leaders in other areas of their life.

This is a complex question, and people will give different answers. There is one thing we know for sure: martial arts are about developing a variety of skills, not just physical skills. While you may think of martial arts as a combat-oriented activity, it is also about developing oneself, including the mind.

We think that taekwondo is the best style of martial arts. It is an Olympic sport, it has been standardized by the Korean government, it is modern martial art, and it enables great competition. Taekwondo focuses on the hands and feet, which means it has a balanced approach but also teaches jumps and other more exciting maneuvers.

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