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After School Martial Arts Program For Kids

After-School Programs

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Why sign your child up for an after-school program? And why choose a martial arts after-school program over your other options? At Dragon Taekwondo, we care about more than just martial arts and physical skills. Our after-school programs have a wide range of activities, and an even wider range of benefits that your child and your family as whole will enjoy.

How Your Child Benefits

When your child partakes in after-school martial arts, they will experience a huge range of benefits, including:

  • Homework help: We support your child while they do their homework and make sure that it gets done.
  • Confidence: We teach skills that can help your child say no to peer pressure and feel more confident about their own skills.
  • Physical skills: Through martial arts and other activities, your child will learn coordination, balance, flexibility, and other physical skills.
  • Values: Taekwondo focuses on imparting skills like discipline and hard work. Your child will benefit from exposure to an environment where these values are always taken seriously.

How You Benefit

After-school programs aren’t just for the kids’ enjoyment. You and your family as a whole can benefit when your children attend a quality after-school program. These advantages include the following:

  • Peace of mind: You know that your child is properly supervised when they are here.
  • Time: Do you need to pick up something for dinner? Or, do you need to make other stops on your way back from work? Sometimes, it is a lot faster to do these things before you pick up the kids.
  • Homework: If you don’t enjoy getting home and immediately needing to help your child with homework, then you’re not alone. We can handle the homework so that you don’t have to.

Why Choose Our Martial Arts After-School Program?

Dragon Taekwondo puts a great deal of effort into designing our after-school program to truly enrich children and make the most of their time. We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment, from the moment we pick up your kids from their school to the moment you pick them up from us. Our staff are highly trained and accredited, and consider themselves role models for all of the children in their charge.

We also offer many other activities than just martial arts, including ninja fitness, homework time, teaching anti-bullying strategies, and much more.

Choose Us for After-School Martial Arts

Dragon Taekwondo offers an exceptional after-school program for your children. Talk to us today about signing your child up.