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How Do I Introduce My Child to Martial Arts?

Martial Arts

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We find that parents these days are very dedicated to offering their children opportunities for enrichment, including opportunities to develop physical skills. Many parents recognize the value of martial arts for helping a child grow physically and emotionally, even if they did not pursue kids’ martial arts when they were young. That puts some parents in an odd position: you want to introduce your child to martial arts and support them, but you don’t know how. It’s hard to connect with your kid and monitor their progress when you don’t know what the class is all about. How do you introduce your child to martial arts? There is more to it than just signing up for karate classes for kids. Here are our tips.

Start at a Young Age

It’s (almost) never too early to start a martial art. We accept students as young as four in our Little Dragons class. The younger a child starts in martial arts the larger an impact it can have on their life and the more they can learn from it.

Understand the Basics of Your Martial Art

Deciding on the right martial art is important, but once you’ve chosen, learn about the basics of it to connect with your child. If you choose karate classes for kids, then you should learn the basics of karate. The same goes for taekwondo, judo, or any martial art. Just think about how much richer your connection is with your child when you two are bonding over something you know about.

Talk Before and After Class

You can always enrich your child’s experience of something by talking about it. When children vocalize what they’re learning about and how they feel, they develop further. It’s just like writing a book report or going over material from school. Talking about martial arts before and after class helps cement lessons.

Show Kids Martial Art Opportunities

Where can your child go with kid’s martial arts? What do they want to accomplish? You can look at tournament opportunities, or even just techniques that your child can learn down the road.

Enroll in Our Little Dragons Class Today

Our Little Dragons class is for preschool children to learn taekwondo, along with a whole host of important skills. If your child is older, you should check out our other evening classes including the children and teen classes. Sign up today.