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How to Find the Best Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses “Near Me”

ninja obstacle course

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A ninja obstacle course offers more than a workout. It can be an exhilarating fitness adventure for both children and adults alike! From rope swings to warped walls, the courses include many obstacles that will challenge and motivate you.

Whether you are looking for a course for yourself or your children, consider the criteria below. These helpful tips will guide you in selecting a course for both budding and professional ninjas!

Look for Options Suited to Your Skill Level

Whether you’re an experienced ninja or a beginner, be sure to seek a course that’s suited for you. This includes not only your skill level and experience but also your fitness abilities. If you’re looking for a family activity, you may want to search for a ninja warrior obstacle course for kids. This will ensure that your family will be able to complete the activities.

Determine Your Goal for the Activity

Are you looking to try a ninja course for the first time, or are you a pro looking for your next challenge? Some courses have multiple lanes (easy, medium, and hard) suited for different skill levels. If you’re looking to level up and challenge yourself, consider courses that offer an advanced option. This will enable you to put your power and flexibility to the ultimate test.

Follow the Rules

As you search for a ninja course, be sure to consider the rules and requirements for each facility. Non-compliance with the rules could be dangerous. You may lose your privilege to participate or even risk injury to yourself and others. Many facilities will ask you to sign a waiver prior to participating. There may also be recommendations for your attire and footwear.

Unlock Your Inner Ninja

Dragon Taekwondo invites you to visit our open gym with an indoor obstacle course. Our ninja warrior obstacle course for kids and adults provides a fun fitness experience and will keep you moving.

Our ninja obstacle course includes features such as a warped wall, rock climbing wall, rope climb, and so much more! The course is just one feature at our family-oriented facilities in Oakville, ON, and Milton, ON. Our award-winning martial arts programs encourage students to be their best through guidance from top-quality instructors.

Are you ready to unleash your inner ninja? Contact us to book your time slot on our obstacle course today.