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What Is the Best Martial Art for Little Kids?

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There are plenty of reasons to sign your young children up for martial arts kids’ classes. It can improve their confidence and self-esteem, as well as help them develop physical skills and social skills. But not all kid’s martial arts are equal. There are so many to choose from, including judo, karate and jiu-jitsu. Which is the best martial art for little kids? Of course, we think it’s taekwondo. Here’s why.

  1. Hands and Feet Focus:

For the youngest children, much of the benefit of martial arts is getting in tune with their body and learning to move and coordinate. Taekwondo offers a great opportunity to do that. Unlike other martial arts for kids, taekwondo focuses on the movement of the hands and feet. It involves follow-through which is great exercise for kids developing coordination.

  1. Our Values:

It isn’t all about physicality. Especially for young children, learning strong values that come with taekwondo can set them on a great path for school achievement and personal achievement. The values that we teach at our dojo are all about hard work, discipline, respect and dedication. For young children we focus on the values of listening, teamwork, resolving conflict and trying hard to do our best.

  1. Our Program:

While choosing the right kind of martial art is important, choosing the right program is perhaps more so. If you were in a city where the taekwondo program was ill-informed, but the karate one was excellent, we’d suggest you do karate. That’s why we put so much emphasis into creating a great program and environment for growing children—it really is the most important thing. We have an exceptional staff, a smart training plan, and all the support your child needs to learn a martial art and have fun.

  1. Competitive Future:

Martial arts for kids can offer your child an outlet for their competitive drive. While children as young as they are in the Little Dragons program don’t enter competition, your child will grow and may one day want to. If they do, they’ll hopefully have started in a martial art with prospects for competition. Taekwondo has rich competitive opportunities at all levels.

Register Your Child for Martial Arts Today

The only way to be certain how your child will feel about kids’ martial arts classes is to have them attend one. Sign your child up for our classes and see if they’ll get the benefit you expect. We know they will. Click here to register or call one of our locations in Oakville (647) 370-9759 or Milton (647) 905-5886.