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What Makes an After-School Program Successful?

After-School Programs

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We spent a lot of time thinking about how to make our taekwondo after-school program successful. We take our responsibility to supervise and teach your children seriously and have developed a curriculum that deals with much more than martial arts. Below is what we value about our after-school martial arts program in Milton and Oakville, ON and how your child can benefit from attending.

  • Safe Transportation:

First things first, your child has to get to our program safely for it to be successful. We have well-trained coaches pick up your children from school in our safe vehicle which is equipped with cameras. Our drivers all undergo driving tests to make sure that they’ll drive safely. They focus on being friendly and engaging with the children, so that they have a relaxing after-school drive.

  • Homework Help:

In order to be successful, after-school martial arts can’t just be about movement. These programs need to address that children head out from school with a ton of homework and not that much time to do it.

Instead of putting that responsibility onto the families, successful after-school programs help children do their homework, with the adult supervision they need when they have questions or require help.

  • Physical Exercise:

Of course, an after-school program should also give children an outlet for their excess physical energy. Recess and gym class aren’t enough for most children. It’s important for them to have more opportunity to run around.

This is especially important for children who have trouble sitting still through the school day.

But also, structure for that exercise is important. Taekwondo offers a physical outlet but also requires discipline and focus, which are obviously important for children to develop.

  • Other Curriculum:

A successful after-school program shouldn’t just be about exercise or taekwondo. You can get that experience just from signing up for typical taekwondo classes. Instead, these programs should include other curriculum that can enrich children’s lives. We offer thoughtful curriculum that teaches children anti-bullying tactics and how to stay safe online. These are essential skills that sometimes schools don’t cover.

After-school Martial Arts Program in Milton and Oakville, ON

Dragon Taekwondo runs highly successful taekwondo after-school programs which gives children the supportive environment, supervision, and learning they need after they’ve finished their school day. Reach out to us to sign your child up for the program.