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Winter Camp: An Enchanting Escape into the Snowy Wilderness

Winter Camp

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Want your child to make new friends, learn new skills, and get some much-needed physical activity? Winter camps are a fun experience that combines educational, social, and interactive activities with peers. For parents, winter break camps can be a moment of relief. For a day or a few, you can rest easy knowing your child is spending their time meaningfully and under expert supervision.

Find out about the exciting new camp we’re running in 2023, what it offers, and the benefits it offers your child.

About Our Ninja Dragons Winter Camp 2023

Our new winter break camp in Milton is set to be as exciting as it sounds! This winter, we are welcoming children who are looking to unleash their inner Ninja Dragons. As they embark on a journey to become real-life ninjas, they will improve their coordination, grip strength, balance, and strength with the help of taekwondo.

Throughout this exciting time, they will navigate through the Ninja Warrior obstacle course and have a blast while doing so!

The Ninja Dragon winter camp in Milton is open to children of all skill levels, aged 4 to 12 years old.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Camp Schedule

The camp’s program is full of exciting activities from the moment we say, “Go!” We start at 8 am with an hour-long taekwondo class; this class is accessible for children at all levels of taekwondo, so newcomers to the martial arts are welcome.

Children will enjoy a snack afterwards to refuel before participating in ninja sports and games. This is the perfect opportunity to test out the new skills they’ve learned and experience what it feels like to be a ninja.

Each day is not all martial arts and physical activity either; we have time dedicated to crafts, science, and virtually interactive games. Children can participate in whichever activity they’re most excited about or try several different ones.

Next is one of our favorite times of day: lunch! This is followed by brief meditation and movie time. In the evening, we have structured games and activities planned, before we finish up and send your kids home with you at 5 pm. There is always something for everyone to enjoy!

Is Our Winter Camp in Milton Supervised?

Absolutely! The camp is supervised by our experienced instructors all day. Every child receives personal attention, which ensures their time is spent constructively and enjoyably. We foster a fun, encouraging environment where children are free to learn at their own pace.

Why Choose Our Winter Break Camp in Milton?

When the season changes and the temperature dips downwards, it can be more difficult for children to achieve physical exercise for at least an hour every day. While it’s one of the many things our parents love about our camp, children also:

  • Learn how to work in a team
  • Develop essential physical skills, including balance and coordination
  • Engage mentally as they learn martial arts
  • Socialize with children their own age
  • Discover the power of discipline and dedication

Claim Your Kid’s Spot in Our Winter Break Camp Today

We’re excited to announce that our camp has received huge interest from parents in Milton and surrounding areas. Spots in the 2023 camp are nearly full! If you would like to enroll your child for camp, click here today.

If you have any questions about scheduling, fees, or anything else, get in touch with us. Dragon Taekwondo Academy has been teaching students of all ages since 2010. We have over nine instructors and five masters who guide children of all ages to the top levels of Taekwondo.