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Winter Camp: The Ultimate Cold Weather Adventure

Winter Camps in Milton

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Is your child ready for their next adventure to take place during the winter break? There is a wide range of winter camps available, and they’re the perfect way for your children to use their time constructively. Not to mention, they will offer you time to yourself to wrap presents or curl up with a book.

To learn more about winter camps for kids and popular programs available in Milton and Oakville, as well as their benefits for your children, keep reading!

Why Winter Camps Are a Great Idea for Snowy Winter Days

Children are recommended to have an hour of physical exercise every day, reports the CBC, but it can be tough to tear them away from their phone or the TV, especially during the winter. That’s where winter holiday camps come in. They keep children engaged, teach them something new and exciting, and have them geared up for a new school term. Looking for more reasons why you should enroll your kids in winter camps?

Stave Off the Winter Boredom by Becoming a Ninja

Instead of spending hours on their phone or complaining about there being nothing to do, your child will be challenged and engaged by our camp programming. Whether it’s learning a new skill or becoming a ninja on our very own Ninja Course, kids’ winter camps are an effective way to combat the winter blues.

Learn a New Skill

Winter camps for kids are the perfect opportunity to try out new activities, make new friends, and build new skills. Our Ninja Dragons Winter Camp welcomes learners of all skill levels, which means it is the perfect place for any kid. It helps children experience taekwondo, have lots of fun, and decide if they want to continue their taekwondo journey once school starts again.

Boost Confidence

Meeting peers and working in a team helps kids overcome shyness, build confidence, and become more open to new experiences. Children often feel more confident in social settings, which leads to greater self-esteem and advanced people skills.

Get Some Physical Exercise

While winter introduces skiing, tobogganing, and ice skating, not everyone loves being outside in the cold; however, everyone still needs to engage in daily physical activity somehow. That’s where winter break programs can help. Martial arts and sports programs are great ways to get exercise and stay in shape without being outside.

About Our Winter Holiday Camp

The Ninja Dragon Camp 2023 is open to children aged 4 to 12 years old looking for an introduction to martial arts. They will become real-life ninjas on our obstacle course. Did you know that we are the only martial arts school in Ontario with an indoor ninja obstacle course? Give your kids the gift of a unique experience this holiday season.

Drop-off is at 8 am, and the program concludes at 5 pm, which ensures that most parents are able to work uninterrupted. Our camp is very popular, so spots fill up fast! If you’d like to register, click here to fill out the form. You’ll find more details about our activities, pricing, and more.

Make This Winter Break Memorable

Winter breaks are great opportunities to try something new and encourage your children to use the time wisely. Dragon Taekwondo Academy is a top pick for children and parents alike for its engaging programs and convenient scheduling.

Want to learn more about our winter break programs? Get in touch with us today.