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7 After School Programs for Elementary-Aged Kids

After School Martial Arts

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Looking for after-school martial arts programs? Or maybe other afterschool programs in Oakville that your child will want to attend? (www.cantravelwilltravel.com) When your child is enthusiastic about the program, and they come home having learned something, you know it’s the right mix. Here are seven afterschool programs in the area that are perfect for elementary-aged kids.

  1. Dragon Taekwondo’s After School Program

Offering martial arts is great, but it’s not all that our afterschool program offers. We’ve built a real curriculum that teaches children important skills ranging from anti-bullying activities to how to avoid Internet chat rooms. We are passionate about the health, wellness, and safety of our community’s youngest members and we promote that by providing top-tier exercise, learning, and safety training opportunities. Sign up for Dragon Taekwondo’s after-school program today!

  1. Rising Sun Oakville

Rising Sun in Oakville offers karate classes for kids as after-school programs. The organizers pick up the children from school and then complete martial arts activities until 5:45 pm.

  1. Oakville Academy of the Arts

Oakville Academy of the Arts has a huge variety of after-school programs for whichever art your elementary-aged child is drawn to. There are programs about fine arts, dance, and music. Enrolling your children in this academy is a great way to cater to the different tastes of different children.

  1. YMCA After School Programs

The YMCA in Oakville offers after-school childcare, although they do usually have a waitlist. The childcare programs are licensed, and they have regular inspections to ensure that they are up to standard to provide a great environment for elementary-aged children. The afterschool program runs until 6 pm.

  1. Bricks 4 Kids

Bricks 4 Kids program is all about Lego and the learning your child can have through these classic toys. This program is a great option for children who are interested in STEM fields or elementary-aged children in whom you’d like to nurture an interest in STEM.

  1. MindKraft

This after school program is specifically for children from ages six to eleven. It is a STEM learning program that offers the chance to learn about coding, robotics, science experiments, puzzles and other great activities to enrich young minds.

  1. KNB Learning

Think you might have a budding coder on your hands? Coding is a strong skill for any child to have. The KNB Learning program will teach even elementary-aged children the basics of coding.

Try Dragon Taekwondo’s After School Program Today

Could your child use a way to burn off energy, grow, socialize, and have fun after school? Contact us to discuss martial arts/karate classes for kids and our afterschool program.