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How Do You Create a Ninja Warrior Course?

Ninja Course

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What could be better than experiencing our ninja course program in Milton? How about having one in your backyard? It may be too difficult to add in some of the more complex elements of our ninja courses, like the rock wall, but you can still create a challenge worthy of your little ninja warriors. Here are some of the physical obstacles you could add to your yard.

Log Steps  

Help your child learn balance and agility by using logs. Cut small logs down to size so they are a foot to two feet off the ground (if your child is young, or just starting out, it would be better to use mats that are flush with the ground to avoid injury). Set them up so your child will need to jump to get from one to the other. Use wide logs and ensure they are very stable to encourage safety.

Walk the Plank  

Walking down a narrow plank is a challenge for people of any age. Get a 2×4 plank of wood and some other supporting materials, like additional planks of wood, to hold it slightly up off the ground. Ensure the supports are level so walking on the plank is stabler. While added height increases the thrill factor, starting with a board that is flat on the ground is still an excellent way to promote balance.

Try a Hurdle

If you’ve been to a track meet or watched the Olympics, you’ve most likely seen athletes jumping hurdles. You can create a safe and cost-effective version of this with PVC piping. Just use some of the piping for stability on the bottom of a simple upside-down “U” shaped pipe. These hurdles can be adjusted in height by adding or removing sections and they are light to reduce any risk of injury.

Patio Stones

Thin patio stones are great options to encourage children to leap further without incurring the risk of being too high up. Make sure that there is traction on the bottom of the stone, or that they are on some relatively high grass, so they provide traction as your child jumps. Place them far enough apart that your child will need to jump to the next one.

Water Sprinkler

In the summer, kids love running through a sprinkler. It isn’t so much a challenge as a way to add some more fun and some time to cool off to the obstacle course.

Try Our Ninja Course Program in Milton

Loving the ninja obstacle course, you’ve set up in your yard? Try the next big challenge: our program for ninja warriors in Milton. Reach out today.