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After Scchool Program

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An after-school program is more than just a place for kids to spend a few hours in the evening. The programs can help boost academic performance and build vital social skills in your children. Statistics Canada says over 40% of children aged four to twelve years old attend after-school programs across the country.

In this blog, we’ll help you identify the right after-school program for your child, by ensuring they use their time positively and are immersed in a safe, supervised environment.

Factors to Consider in After-School Programs

Whether you are looking for a theatre class or an after-school martial arts, safety and supervision should be the first thing you consider. Your preferred program should offer a low staff-to-child ratio, so your child receives the personal attention they need. The staff should be qualified, too; at karate after-school programs near me, for instance, make sure your children are being taught by experienced instructors. If the staff has years of experience teaching children, that’ll be a plus too.

Also, assess their facilities for hygiene and maintenance. Equipment should be properly maintained, wiring should be hidden away, and the space should seem safe for children. Book a tour of the facility before you enroll your child in the program.

What Health and Educational Benefits Does the Program Offer?

Next, check the educational and health benefits the program offers. An after-school program should extend the school’s learning environment in a fun, engaging way. It offers exciting activities, and reinforces what they learn at school.

Not all programs will offer the same benefits, which is why it’s essential for you to find one that complements your child’s interests and addresses their weakness. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) after-school programs are great for bolstering what children learn in school. On the other hand, karate after-school programs near me will raise your children’s physical fitness and improve cognitive ability.

Some children may struggle to make friends outside of school. Martial arts after-school programs are effective at encouraging children to mingle with their peers, serving as an excellent opportunity for your children to enhance their social skills.

Will Your Child Get the Physical Exercise They Need?

Finally, ensure the program helps your child get 60 minutes of physical exercise, as recommended by Health Canada. Finding programs that include plenty of activities isn’t difficult, but choosing one that interests your child is important. For example, after-school martial arts classes allow children to exert themselves physically in self-defense classes and participate in fun group activities.

Does the After-School Program Fit Your Schedule?

Families today juggle so much between work, home, and extracurriculars. The last thing an after-school program should do is put even more pressure on you to pick up and drop off your child.

Check if the after-school program you are considering offers convenient pick up and drop off options. They may even offer a late pick-up option, which would be an added bonus, especially for working parents.

Enroll Your Child in Oakville and Milton’s Top Martial Arts Evening Classes

Dragon Taekwondo is an award-winning martial arts school serving Oakville and Milton. Book a tour of our facility, speak to faculty about our after-school Taekwondo classes, and find out if we are the right program for your child.

Why should you consider choosing us over other facilities? We are the only facility in Ontario to have an indoor ninja obstacle course, which children love using, and our after-school Taekwondo classes are HST-exempt. For more information, visit our website.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, reach out to schedule a tour of our facility and enroll your child for a free week-long training session.