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Embrace the Chill: A Comprehensive Guide to Winter Camps

Winter Break Camp

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Are you wondering how to keep your kids engaged during the winter break? Winter camps are the perfect way to transform your child’s winter break into an educational and exciting experience. This comprehensive guide will identify the essential information parents should know about winter break camps in Milton.

What is a Winter Camp?

Camps are known for exciting, educational adventures that are available during the time of year when children are off from school. Not only do they provide support for working parents, but they also create fun places for children to spend their time, learn new skills, make friends, and use their free time in a productive manner.

As their name suggests, winter camps are scheduled during your child’s winter break, which ensures that your child is supervised and engaged until parents can join them for the winter holidays. All winter camps aim to foster a safe, secure environment that children enjoy spending their time at through a wide variety of activities, fun instructors, and new experiences.

There are lots of camps to choose from, such as:

  • Swimming camps
  • Sports camps
  • Martial arts camps
  • Music camps
  • Theater camps
  • Math or science camps

Choosing the Right Winter Break Camp for Your Child

With so many options, how are parents supposed to know which winter break camp is right for their child? We always urge parents to think about what their child is interested in. What makes them excited or engages them? Do they have a lot of energy that needs an outlet for? Are they already pursuing an activity or sport that they’d like to build on?

For example, martial arts camps, like the one we offer at Dragon Taekwondo, are excellent for improving physical fitness, teaching self-defense, instilling discipline, and improving focus. If your child gets excited about the notion of becoming a real-life ninja, this is the right place for them to spend their winter break.

Whichever camp you choose, make sure it accomplishes the following three goals:

  • Making your child excited and happy
  • Growing their skillset
  • Introducing your child to others with similar interests

Are Winter Camps Beneficial for Children?

Absolutely! As the American CDC recommends children to experience at least one hour of physical exercise each day, camp programs are an excellent way to fulfill this requirement. They often include activities that encourage children to be active, which is especially helpful during the cold winter months.

Similarly, camps are proven to be a positive use of children’s free time for both physical and cognitive purposes. They provide the perfect landscape for personal development, as camps are not nearly as competitive as school or competitive sports. Your child will have the space and support to learn at their own pace and enjoy the time.

When Do Camps in Winter Run From?

Winter break camps in Milton align with the school holidays. For most children, school breaks start on December 20th and last until approximately January 5th. Winter programs are often scheduled once the holidays have finished. For example, our Ninja Dragons Winter Camp 2024 runs from January 2nd to the 5th.

While many camps offer multiple day programs, there are also one-day camps. Similarly, many camps, just like ours, allow parents to choose how many days their children will attend a specific camp.

Learn More About Ninja Dragons Winter Camp 2023

Dragon TKD’s winter camp is a hit with children and parents alike! All spots for the camp are nearly filled, so if you’re looking to enroll your child, reach out to us now.

Drop-off starts at 8 am and pick up is required by 5 pm. Your child will embark on a journey to become a ninja warrior, tackle obstacle courses, learn martial arts moves, and more! Give us a call today.