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Four Main Benefits of Martial Arts After School Programs

After-School Programs

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Martial arts aren’t just a fun activity for weekends and evenings. Most martial arts also make rich foundations for thoughtful after school programs. An after-school karate class might just be what your child needs to take advantage of that precious post-school time and further their development. While the benefits to each child are a little different depending on what they need and who they are, there are four key benefits of these after-school programs that we can explain.

Supervision and Homework Help

The biggest benefit of our after school program is well-trained adult supervision and homework support. Afterschool time should be for finishing up homework and for keeping out of trouble in a safe and secure environment. That way, when you get your children home you can enjoy your time with them instead of focusing only on homework.

Physical Exercise and Taekwondo

Schools don’t always afford children enough time to burn off their energy, or enough focus on how valuable good exercise habits will be later in life. Getting physical exercise in your after-school program is important.

What do we offer that an after-school karate class can’t? Taekwondo. This martial art offers the right challenge for children of different ages, helping them develop a huge range of physical skills. That includes strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, speed, and much more.

Social Development in a New Peer Group

School does provide opportunities for your child to socialize, but the social ties become rigid quickly in each new school year, and even through their school career. Giving children access to new people helps them develop the skills to make new friends and get along with a wider range of people. After-school programs are an excellent way to get this opportunity.

Advantages of a Curriculum

We put much more thought than average into our after school program. We have developed a curriculum to help children develop key skills which might not be covered in school, including topics like how to stay safe online. There are huge advantages to giving your children additional exposure to learning and practical life skills.

Choose Dragon Taekwondo for Afterschool Karate Classes

We offer great after-school programs in Oakville and Milton that do so much more than just train your children in taekwondo. Get these four key benefits for your kids today and reach out to us.