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A Ninja Birthday Party: The Ultimate Birthday Bash

Ninja Birthday Cake

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Have you considered having a ninja warrior birthday party near you? Word is spreading about the amazing ninja-themed parties you can have at Dragon Taekwondo. We have a ninja warrior course that the kids can complete as part of the party. They’ll be challenged to act like a ninja and have a lot of fun doing it. But, that isn’t the only reason to enjoy one of our parties. Here are a few reasons you should plan your kid’s next party with us.

All-Inclusive Parties

So many parents spend all of their time at their kid’s birthdays organizing other children, events, handing out food, and generally worrying about how it is going. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your kid’s party? You can do that at Dragon Taekwondo. We provide all-inclusive ninja birthday parties where our highly-trained staff handle every aspect of the party, from when the kids arrive to when they leave. That means that we handle:

· Party set-up

· Food distribution

· Supervision

· Planning gift opening

· Clean up

· Managing the children

We truly take care of everything so that you can sit back and take photos or even get in on the ninja warrior fun.

Exciting and Safe

It can be hard to find a birthday party venue that balances exciting and safe. Arts and crafts are too tame; axe throwing is better for adults. Where are the parties that offer both where your child can be truly excited, but you can also rest easy knowing that they are in a safe environment? Ninja warrior birthday parties are an ideal option.

We also go out of our way to make your kid feel special on their birthday. At the party, they are the “assistant instructor” and help their friends learn about martial arts.

The Values of Martial Arts

How many birthday parties can boast that they are educational as well as entertaining? During your child’s birthday party at Dragon Taekwondo, they will be introduced to the values of martial arts, along with their guests. They’ll get a crash course in respect, self-discipline, and self-control. We believe in presenting a fair challenge to children that awards them for their effort and isn’t so easy or so tough that they forget the value of hard work. We accomplish all of this while remaining fun, positive and energetic.

Ninja Birthdays in Oakville and Milton

You can stop looking for a “ninja warrior birthday party near me” and start planning your child’s party with Dragon Taekwondo. Contact us.