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How Much Do Before/After School Programs Cost in Oakville, ON?

Before and after school programs

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Working parents may need to enroll their children in before and after school programs. While the cost of these programs can be high, they can offer plenty of benefits. Allowing you to work is just the start. Afterschool activities can enrich your child, give them new opportunities to socialize, provide them with fun exercise opportunities, develop skills, and grow as a person. But, how much do those opportunities all cost? If you’re in Oakville, this guide will show you the average cost of local before and after school programs.

The Average Costs

Short before and after school programs are generally in the range of $29 to $38 dollars per child, per day. This is typically for bare minimum supervision. While children are free to do activities and play, their time is generally not directed, as in, they are not usually engaged in afterschool activities. Younger children typically cost more as well, as they are more challenging to supervise.

The Family Place Childcare

This childcare center in Oakville offers full and part-day childcare. This includes before and after school programs. Their preschool program is $60.85 per child, per day. For JK/SK, the before-school program is $13.31 per day (it is shorter than the more expensive afterschool program.) The afterschool care for this age group is $31.20 per day. For older children, the before school program is $11.80 per day, and the afterschool program is $29.95 per day.

The YMCA of Oakville

Oakville’s YMCA offers before and after school programs. In 2021, for junior and senior kindergarten, costs are $13.50 per day before school and . (ambien) 35 per day after school. If you do both programs, the total cost is only $28.35.

For older children, the YMCA charges $12.25 per day for before school care and $19.15 for after school care. There is a discount for both as well, so the total cost per day if your child does both is $26.30.

What About Other Activities?

If you’re interested in afterschool programs in Oakville, consider signing your child up for Taekwondo. At Dragon Taekwondo, we offer an enriching environment for your child. It is a great way for them to spend their time either before or after school. They’ll learn physical and mental skills and get more time to socialize with other children.

Contact us today to ask about our fees or sign up your child.