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“Karate Kids” in Oakville: How Taekwondo in Oakville Helps Kids Succeed at School

Kids karate in Oakville

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Why are karate classes for kids, or any martial arts classes, a good idea for academic achievement? Children may struggle in school for any number of reasons, but a martial art, including the Taekwondo we offer in Oakville, can help address several issues. Here are some ways that the benefits your child gets from Taekwondo may help him or her in school.

 Energy and Focus

Many children have trouble paying attention in class because they struggle to sit still and pay attention. Many of these children do not have enough physical activity, which is where karate in Oakville can help. Although you shouldn’t expect additional exercise, like that from a martial art, to cure ADHD or other attention issues, it can help manage symptoms. Kids need an outlet for their energy, and having a regular Taekwondo class can help.


When your child masters a physical skill, they gain confidence that can bleed over to other areas of their life. When they get stuck in school, the progress they make in Taekwondo in Oakville can help them try again. We teach children to have faith in their ability to overcome challenges, and we don’t undermine accomplishments by giving everyone a trophy. When your child succeeds in our class, they can feel truly proud that they accomplished something, and that pride makes them more confident in every area of life.


As children grow, they learn to have more and more self-discipline. This is a process of maturing, and Taekwondo can help with it. Our exercises have increasing challenges for kids and require more discipline, coordination, and focus from them as they grow.

It will also improve their memory, which helps with self-discipline too.

Social Ability

Some children struggle in school, not because of the actual schoolwork, but because they are having social challenges at school. It can be hard for kids to make new friends, deal with social conflict, and handle bullying, even after adults intervene. Your child will meet a new group of kids at Taekwondo, and that gives many kids the blank slate they need to improve their skills and redefine themselves.

Interested in Karate Classes for Kids?

Some people call all martial arts karate, but there are actually many different kinds. We do not offer karate in Oakville; we offer Taekwondo, another kind of martial art. We adore it, and we think your kids will too. It’s a great option to help your child develop the skills they need to succeed academically. Contact us today.