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What Does it Take to Get a Black Belt in Taekwondo?

Black Belt in Taekwondo

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Youth and adults can get a black belt in Taekwondo after years of practice and discipline. What does it take to earn a black belt from a Taekwondo academy? First, you might want to understand what a black belt means. It’s not the pinnacle of our martial art but an important step to mastery that you should be proud of. Then, we’ll explain how to get a black belt from your Taekwondo school in Oakville.

What Does a Black Belt Mean?

While many people think that a black belt is the top achievement of the sport, a black belt is more like a very important middle step in your Taekwondo career. There are different levels of black belt past the first level, many taking multiple years to achieve. So, there is definitely a lot to accomplish after.

When you achieve a black belt, you demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of Taekwondo’s various skills that you learned for every previous belt.

A black belt also brings responsibility with it. You may be expected to teach other students once you achieve it. At least, your actions will be taken as representative of our martial art, so you need to act with good character inside and outside of our dojang.

How Do You Get a Black Belt in Taekwondo?

In order to get a black belt in Taekwondo, also called II Dan, you need to pass the test for every belt before black. This process typically takes 3 to 5 years, although it depends on how many classes you attend, your age, and your skill. You shouldn’t expect young children you enroll to earn a black belt until their mid or late teens. However, kids that start at this age might only take three years. The same goes for adults. Some Taekwondo schools put a minimum on how many years this process will take.

Once your instructor thinks you are ready, you can take the test to achieve a black belt. There’s a variety of different patterns you may be asked to perform to pass the test.

Parents and other adults might be surprised to learn that youth can achieve a black belt. However, they definitely can and should be proud of the accomplishment. It doesn’t signal the end of their journey.

Get a Black Belt from our Taekwondo Academy

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