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Summer Taekwondo – Flexibility and Kicking Fundamentals

Summer Camp

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Flexibility is one of the most important skills to train if taekwondo is the martial art for you. This is necessary for learning how to do most of the moves and techniques, including kicks. At Dragon Taekwondo, our martial arts classes and summer camps include flexibility training to help children and beginners achieve their goals and unlock the ability to excel in taekwondo. Learn more about how flexibility encourages improvements in martial arts and sign up for our summer camps below!

The Basics of Kicking in Taekwondo

Kicking is an important skill in taekwondo. These movements are also called Chagi. Every belt has a test involving kicking. To pass these tests, your child will learn a series of kicks. They will be instructed on how to practice the kicks with both legs so that they develop balanced skills.

Your child will learn kicks that are great for use in sparring (which is also great for use in self-defense outside of a dojo.) They will also learn kicks they might be familiar with (from tv and movies), like breaking wooden boards.

Flexibility Fundamentals

No matter the kick, from an axe kick to a roundhouse kick, the fundamental skill is flexibility. Anyone doing taekwondo kicks needs to improve their overall flexibility, especially in their hips. This is one area where children have an advantage. Kids naturally have good flexibility ranges, especially compared to adults who have spent their lives sitting in an office chair, which restricts the hips. However, a child’s flexibility can still be improved to make kicks stronger and easier. Remember, kicks are not just about achieving the movement but also landing it on an opponent.

Before you ever do a flashy kick, you need to have very solid fundamentals, which means, in part, improving flexibility. During taekwondo training, your child will be brought through a series of movements meant to encourage flexibility. Most beginners will start with the goal of kicking to the belt level, which they will work up to.

Taekwondo Summer Camp

We offer taekwondo summer camps in Milton and Oakville. Your child will learn to kick at our kids’ summer camp, but they will also learn much more, including discipline, hard work, and other mental skills. Reach out to us today to inquire about our martial arts summer camps.