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Types of Afterschool Programs for Kids

After School Program in Oakville

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Are you looking for “afterschool programs near me?” Before you start, it’s wise to discover the different types of afterschool programs. Each one focuses on something different and might provide a better experience for your specific kid. It’s not just about his or her interests, but also what skills and focus he or she would most benefit from. Discover the types of afterschool programs in Oakville below.

Academic After School Programs

Some afterschool programs focus on tutoring, completing homework, or other academic achievements. For some kids, this extra time spent studying is productive. For others, it might be too much. Completing homework has to be done either way, so this can be an efficient use of time. Or enroll your kid in a program that will give them extra help in the subjects they struggle in.

Physical Activity Programs

Most kids have more energy than they know what to do with. After a day spent sitting at a desk, it can be a big relief for kids to get involved with an afterschool program that will give them more exercise. It isn’t just getting energy out. It is also developing skills like coordination and improving physical health.

Creativity After School Programs  

What about children who love to create? You kid might get up to anything from painting to woodworking in a creative-focused afterschool program. This is an excellent option for budding artists or musicians. They’ll learn a lifelong skill, and they will bring home many creative art projects for you to enjoy too.

Community Service Projects

Better suited for older children, some afterschool programs will get kids out into the community. Volunteering at a hospital, a soup kitchen, or a wildlife clean-up project can help kids get an appreciation for their community. It can also expose them to new potential career paths.

Specialized Skill Development Programs

Is there a niche skill that you’d like your kid to learn that isn’t covered in school? Sometimes you can find specialized afterschool programs that will teach your kids that unique skill, whether it is coding or ballet.

After School Programs at Dragon Taekwondo

You don’t have to choose between these strict kinds of afterschool programs. The afterschool programs in Oakville combine physical activity with other activities to strengthen leadership,

You can stop looking for “afterschool programs near me” and enroll your child in our program today. Contact us at Dragon Taekwondo.