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Types of Taekwondo Competitions

Types of Taekwondo Competitions

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Taekwondo is a diverse martial art. There are several different kinds of Taekwondo competitions you might see in Milton. Before you sign up for Taekwondo classes near you, discover the different kinds of Taekwondo competitions you can enjoy in Oakville.


Kyorugi is what many people would consider sparring. You and an opponent square off by yourself and can do any of the Taekwondo motions that you have learned. However, this is not strictly a battle. You are also checking for the quality of your skills, testing your power, and being creative with your movements and patterns. These interactions should look more like a give-and-take rather than one opponent dominating another. Free sparring has a point system; you do not win by incapacitating your opponent as in some other combative sports. There are also point penalties for breaking the rules, or for falling to the floor, kicking or punching the back of the other person’s head, etc.


Poomsae stands for the complicated exercises and movements that we learn in Taekwondo. In this competition, you showcase your ability to do both defensive and aggressive Taekwondo movements. You can do so as an individual or as a group who do the movements at the same time.

There are also freestyle Poomsae for the more creative types. You design your own combinations of Taekwondo moves and perform them. You can show off more advanced techniques that might not be included in normal Taekwondo in Oakville. You can perform freestyle Poomsae as part of a group as well.


This is perhaps the most popular Taekwondo competition to catch glimpses of on the internet. Kyukpa is about breaking objects. Most commonly, wooden boards are broken, but other objects may be as well. This competition is about demonstrating strength and technique. The objects are broken not just by strength but also by the correct placement of your hands or feet on the boards. I had had narcolepsy for years, treated with dexamfetamine, when a doctor switched me to the newer drug modafinil https://ochoaspharmacy.com/modafinil

Taekwondo Competition Organization

If you plan on participating in Taekwondo competitions in Oakville, you’ll want to also know about competition organization. You won’t just compete with anyone. Competitions are organized by belt, gender, weight, and age to make competition fair.

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