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Why Summer Camps for Kids are Important in 2021

Kids Summer Camp

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Uncertainty about summer camps in Milton and Oakville due to COVID-19 concerns and government restrictions has been on many parents minds. However, we think it is more important for kids to be in summer camps in 2021 than it ever has been. Children need camps for stress relief, physical exercise, and social development. Here’s why we think it is so important to enroll your kid in a summer camp in Milton today.

Stress Relief

There’s no denying it has been a stressful year for everyone. Being in a new environment and getting in some physical exercise is important to help relieve stress and improve your child’s ability to cope with our world. Plus, summer camps for kids aren’t actually just for kids. They are also for parents. In order to be the best parent that you can be, you need a break too. And after the crazy year everyone has had, you likely need a break more than you usually do.

Physical Exercise

With outdoor sports (and indoor ones) cancelled in many areas, children may not have the physical outlet they need not to just to burn off energy but also to develop strength, balance, coordination, and other physical skills. As children begin to lag more and more behind developmentally thanks to having to stay home constantly, they need extra exercise time to make up for it. Taekwondo specifically is a great option to help your kid catch back up. We teach balance, coordination, and strength according to a child’s age and physical ability. Your child will be challenged but not overwhelmed.

Social Development

Many children have been cut off from their peer group with online schooling. Or their access to their friends has been interrupted by other lockdown orders. Summer camps offer kids a chance to interact with kids they didn’t already know, to practice forming peer groups from scratch, and learn to deal with new kinds of people, resolve conflicts, and have fun. Even summer camps that focus mainly on physical activity, like martial arts camps, will still give your child a lot of opportunities to develop socially.

Start Your Kid’s Summer Off Right at Dragon Taekwondo

We don’t just hold summer camps in Oakville, but also classes, birthday parties, and more. If your kid has been missing out on exercise, social development, and stress relief, they can find an outlet here at Dragon Taekwondo. Our summer camps in Milton and Oakville follow rigorous safety and sanitization procedures. Contact us today to learn more about how we bring your child the fun while keeping them safe or to sign your child up for our summer camps in Oakville.