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What Factors Determine an Effective After-School Program?

After School Program

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There are many after-school programs and even many after-school martial arts programs for you to choose from in Oakville and Milton, Ontario. As a parent, you have a busy schedule, and you want to take the time to choose the best program for your specific child. What should you look for in an after-school program? Here are the factors that help make these programs great.

  • The Quality of the Staff:

Often, it’s the people involved in a program that determines their quality. We’re proud to say that we have some exceptional people working for us and we provide them with the training that they need to support each child and to create an overall safe and positive environment. Our staff act like role models, not babysitters.

  • The Main Activity Provided:

Taekwondo after-school programs, of course, focus on taekwondo. That’s not the only activity that we offer the kids during their time after school. It’s an important and valuable one. Taekwondo teaches many different physical and mental skills. That includes things like balance and coordination, as well as discipline and respect. As children grow physical skills in taekwondo, they build confidence in themselves and their ability to take on challenges.

  • The Extra Details We Offer:

While taekwondo is great, the other details of our program are important too. Firstly, we offer homework help so that your child can finish their schoolwork before they get home. We offer a large curriculum that seeks to help children learn skills that they might need extra support with. That includes how to be safe using the internet and how to prevent bullying.

  • Supervision and Transportation:

When your child is with us, they’re always under our supervision. We pick children up from their school in a van which is equipped with safety cameras. Once they’re at our dojo, we watch over them until you pick them up and remove them from our care.

Our Taekwondo After-School Program Has It All

We’ve very carefully designed our after-school program and selected its staff to create the most supportive environment for your child. Taekwondo is an enriching activity for children of any age, even if they never plan to go competitive with it. It helps shape values, and that’s an excellent way for your child to spend their time after-school. You can register your child for our taekwondo after-school program in Oakville and Milton, ON today. Just reach out by calling (647) 905-5886 and/or (647) 370-9759 or clicking here.