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Tips for an Effective Afterschool Program

After School Program

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Afterschool programs are an important part of a child’s life. With even 3 hours per day in the program, children who attend every weekday end up spending 60 hours, or 2.5 full days in their afterschool program. It’s easy to see how the program makes a large impact – but how do you make sure that impact is truly valuable for your child? Look for an effective martial arts after school program. We’ll describe exactly what that looks like below.

  • Quality Programming:

It’s common for afterschool programming to have a theme based on the organization hosting it. Our taekwondo dojo offers a martial arts afterschool program. However, we offer more than just martial arts. All afterschool programming should seek to enrich the whole child, with thoughtful programming that does more than just help them burn their energy off. Our programming does more than teach your child taekwondo. We also:

  • Provide homework help
  • Provide educational programming
  • Provide other physical activities
  • Provide creative outlets
  • Provide safety programming

Children need guidance and structure, not just free time running around a fun obstacle course (although they also get plenty of that at our martial arts afterschool program.)

  • Great Staff:

Of course, you care about who you’re leaving your children in the care of. You’ll meet the afterschool program staff and make sure you feel comfortable with them, but don’t forget to ask about their qualifications and training when you do. Not all afterschool programs make the same demands of their instructors. Ours are taekwondo experts but they also have training to work with children, including how to create an engaging and welcoming environment.

  • Proper Supervision:

How does your child get to their afterschool program and do they ever spend any time unsupervised? These are important questions. For our program, our well-trained drivers pick your child up in a vehicle equipped with a camera. They’re dropped off and another member of our staff immediately greets them. The entire time your children are in our care, they’re well-supervised by trained staff.

After School Martial Arts in Milton

If you’re in Oakville or Milton, your children can attend Dragon Taekwondo’s after school program. We offer a program that’ll give your child the enrichment that they need to succeed in school and in life. Reach out to us to discuss signing your child up for our program or call one of our numbers (647) 905-5886 (Milton) or (647) 370-9759 (Oakville).