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What to Expect at Your First Tournament

Taekwondo Training

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Contrary to what one might believe, your first tournament will not be like “The Karate Kid.” Performing martial arts in front of an audience can be nerve-wracking. Throw in the competitive aspect, and it can become quite overwhelming. But those feelings quickly disappear once you touch the mat and unleash your training.

If you are new to taekwondo or karate training in Oakville, competitions may not even be on your mind. But they can be great goals to work forward to during your training. Skills are meant to be used. And there’s no better place to use martial arts than at Oakville taekwondo tournaments.

For those who are unfamiliar with the tournament experience, here a few things you can expect from your first martial arts competition.

Remember to Bow

Taekwondo tournaments have an amazing atmosphere, which means you can forget a few of the formalities. There are different etiquette rules for every martial arts discipline. Your martial arts training in Oakville will likely instruct you to bow before every sparring activity. This form of respect should be conducted at every competition. (xanax)

Remembering to bow can also be a great way to calm yourself down. When actors get nervous, they will try to focus on saying their first line correctly. The idea is that when you nail your first line, you become more comfortable and the rest of the lines fall into place. The same principle can be applied to martial arts and bowing.


If you are unfamiliar with performing in front of others, a martial arts competition will be difficult. A taekwondo summer camp can be a great space for building confidence and experience. If you can become comfortable fighting in front of an audience at a taekwondo summer camp, you can be comfortable anywhere.

Sparring experience like this is also invaluable when it comes to performing well. Practicing kicks and punches is different than incorporating them on the fly. You will likely make mistakes at the beginning, and that’s okay. Mistakes are a big part of learning. But the more opportunity you have to make mistakes before a tournament, the better.

Be Prepared

Being prepared doesn’t mean just practicing your moves; it also means doing research. A great way to reduce nervousness is by researching the tournament ahead of time. Every tournament will have a different venue, bracket system, and ruleset. During this research, you should find the time and location for your matches. A tournament will likely have multiple mats set up for multiple matches. This can become confusing if you are unfamiliar with the setup. That is why it is so important to be prepared. The more you know about the tournament, the less likely you’ll miss your match or make a mistake.

You can also ask your instructor for tips for your next competition. Dragon Taekwondo’s friendly instructors are always happy to help. Contact us now to learn about how we can get you ready for your next event.