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Which Martial Arts Program is Best for Older Adults?

Adult Martial Arts

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It’s never too late for you to get involved with martial arts and reap the benefits of being more active. More than just any activity, martial arts offer specific benefits for those who want to improve their physicality later in life. Challenge yourself to do something new, motivating, and has strong benefits for your age.

If you’re an older adult who is sold on adult martial arts classes in Milton and Oakville, which of the many martial arts should you choose? We offer taekwondo adult martial arts classes and think you should join. Here’s why:

Start At Your Pace

While you might be attracted to “slower” martial arts like Tai Chi at first, once you get used to them, they may never offer the level of challenge you need to improve or meet your physical goals. Most people who practice Tai Chi also practice another martial art. With taekwondo, you can start your classes at a slow pace and develop flexibility, strength, and new muscle memory as you go.

Great Instructors

We know that the quality of instruction makes all the difference in any classroom. For our adult martial art classes, we have well-trained, focused instructors who challenge older adults but don’t push their limits too hard. You can always discuss a personal plan to improve your skills, without increasing the risk of injury, with your instructor.


Joint movement is one of those things younger people take for granted. When you’re older, you need a way to actively move each joint throughout its whole range of motion, or you’ll lose that range. Taekwondo can help, with movements for all four limbs.

Stay on the Ground

When people look at taekwondo masters they tend to focus on big, showy movements like spin kicks. There’s no reason that you need to accomplish a spin kick to reap the benefits of taekwondo, although you can if you want to. Older adults who are more comfortable on the ground will still find taekwondo to be thrilling and interesting.

Martial Arts Near Me

Are you looking for “martial arts near me” in either Oakville or Milton? You’ve found the right place. Dragon Taekwondo offers adult martial arts classes in your area. Our well-trained instructors can help you find the pace and movements you’re comfortable with to start building up fitness and strength. Reach out to us today.