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The Ultimate Martial Arts Summer Camp Experience

Summer Camp

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Ontario’s summer break gives children a long time away from school. As a parent, it’s important to plan this time accordingly. After all, you don’t want your child to spend the whole break watching television or distracting you from work.

That’s where summer camps are a huge help. These day-long, week-long, or month-long excursions combine education and fun seamlessly. Each camp focuses on a primary activity, such as music or martial arts, etc, and encourages children to socialize with new peers in a supervised environment.

What Martial Arts Summer Camps Have to Offer

Taekwondo summer camps have become a popular option for parents in Ontario. With the soaring popularity of martial arts in the province, thanks to an active community and the accomplishments young Ontario athletes are achieving around the world, Taekwondo is a highly sought-after activity.

Taekwondo and karate camps teach children combat skills, such as punching, kicking, and blocking. As children train, they learn the benefits of focus, determination, and perseverance.

Taekwondo is not an offensive sport, which should ease parents who aren’t familiar with it. Instead, it teaches children how to defend themselves effectively. As children learn these skills, they also learn how to control their emotions when faced with stressful situations. We encourage children during these camps, building their confidence in their own abilities and teaching them how to handle day-to-day challenges.

From the Dojang Mat to Everyday Life: The Real-World Benefits of Martial Arts

It is a common misconception that martial arts summer camps are only beneficial if your child is looking to earn their next belt–that’s simply not the case! Martial arts training offers significant benefits outside of defensive training that translates seamlessly into everyday life.

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence: Children gain strength and confidence during martial arts training, which carries over to other facets of life. Studies have shown that children who know how to defend themselves experience less bullying on the playground as well as online.
  • Physical Activity: Martial arts training ensures children receive 60 minutes of exercise every day, which boosts their immune system and cardiovascular health. It also builds physical strength and improves coordination and balance.

Martial Arts Summer Camps Are a Ton of Fun

Taekwondo summer camps are so much fun! Children get to play with peers their own age, building exciting memories. They participate in fun team activities, such as Laser Tag, Nerf games, and much more. Depending on the summer camp, children may also go on fun outings.

Children also love learning the cool moves of Taekwondo. Instead of just watching their favourite superheroes in movies, they can learn the same moves. At the end of the day, your child will return home happy and excited to demonstrate all the exciting techniques they’ve learned.

Why Children and Parents Love Our Martial Arts Summer Camp

Dragon Taekwondo’s summer camp is a favourite for parents and children alike. Children love the range of activities they participate in and the fun, friendly atmosphere we provide. Parents can rest knowing their child is having fun throughout their summer break.

Our camp is a day camp, meaning it aligns with typical school timings; that means you don’t have to worry about supervising your child during a busy workday. Our summer camp is also HST-exempt, which means you will receive a receipt and a cost-savings opportunity.

Enroll now or get in touch with us to learn more.